AMA TRANSCRIPT : Spykefast x Titan Hunters

9 min readNov 16, 2021

Date : 16 November 2021
Host : HunterX & GemFlair
Guest: Titan Hunters Team (Arthur Vu— CEO)

Hello! Spykefastians & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We recently hosted an AMA with Titan Hunters, on 16 November at 9 AM UTC. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, if you missed the live session, this post will be a saver & a feeder of knowledge for you.


HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Round 1..

1. For those who’ve never heard of Titan Hunters, can you please tell us what the project is about and what inspired you?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Titan Hunters is inspired by the fun gameplay Dungeon Crawler of Diablo with Voxel’s signature look and the feel of Minecraft. It is an MMORPG friendly-crypto, simple but addictive gameplay.

In Titan Hunters, players can become a hunter to discover an exciting and mysterious world of Titans and participate in bitter battles against epic bosses for rewards. Gamers can hunt alone or team up with other buddies to collect materials from fallen foes and craft new gears for subduing even crueler and bigger Titans.

As an easily accessible but high-quality NFT game, we bring players the best and safe protocol via free-to-play and invest-to-earn model for mass adoption. The Titan Hunters team wish to create a charming and fun game crafted by mobile game development veterans. We aim at delivering such experience with tons of loot, secret areas to uncover, and multiple difficulty-progressive levels to unlock.


Played a lot of RPG games can’t wait to try yours 🌝

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Love to hear that


Free to play is really eye catching in this space.

Hoping we’ll have the Full developed game soon!🔥

Let’s move on to the second question!

Can you please share how Titan Hunters is different from similar projects, and key features that others are missing?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

As we love Minecraft so Titan hunters has artstyle inspired by Minecraft. And Infact that user base of Minecraft and Roblox is biggest user base of video game. Titan hunters want to attract them first. Target directly to hundred million users of Minecraft and Roblox in particular and massive mobile users in general is the approach that we don’t think any NFT games now have done like us. Most of them focus to current small pool of crypto user.

And below are some things that make us different form other NFT games on the market now:

-We make Titan Hunters gameplay easily accessible for everyone. As everyone knows, only few gamers are hardcore gamers, who play high-skill required games (MOBA, Card Battles, FPS…etc.). This might scare people to try playing and also prevent most players from enjoying the gameplay. So, Titan Hunters propose an alternative game mechanic that suit most mobile game players, a billion gamers, regardless of demographics, with a simple control, deep but easy to understanding gameplay.

- Free to play and Invest to Earn model: As user simply use email to create an account to start playing the game. You only need to create a native crypto wallet and buy TITA token when they you want convert your items in game to NFT items to trade on the marketplace. Freemium is still the right thing to do in the long run. We takes this as the core mindsets to create an NFT game that user can freely start playing without any payment, crypto or fiat, see and own the in-game items first, then decide to mint them into NFTs if they believe they’re worth the value.

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Well.. Definitely looking forward to it.

Lets move to third one.

3. When do you plan on releasing Titan Hunters, what are the plans for token launch?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

As our roadmap, Titan hunter will be released around the end of Dec 2021. We focus on having the game available on all platforms: PC, iOS & Android. As a result, Titan Hunters can maximize the outreach to potential players regardless of platforms. The player can play the game on PC first then the mobile version will come to you around Q2 2022. However, we will try our best to launch the mobile version as soon as possible as our targeted users of Titan hunters are mobile users.

I am also glad to inform you that the most important milestone of the project — the IDO day — is coming closer.

Both the IDO on DAO Maker and GameFi and IEO on Gate will take place on 18 Nov of 2021.

After IDO, in the next couple days ,we will carry out NFT sales, Open Alpha testing, you guys can own our NFT items early and enjoy our Alpha version with your own NFT items inside the game.


As in Minecraft style which is already a love of many.

I am really looking forward to play Titan Hunters game as soon as possible

Will Titan Hunters be a cross platform game?

Just curious

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

we can play Titan Hunters everywhere, on Mobile, PC,…

As I said above, TH is cross platform game as mobile verison will be released very soon

on the Q1 of next month


Not too far

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

but we will try our best to make it ASAP as our main target is mobile user


After some games like PUBG, COD and fortnite being released on mobile devices, the mobile gaming scene has seen new heights.

A vast userbase to begin with.

What are the main use cases of $TITA and which benefits does it provide for long term holders?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

TITA token has Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain. $TITA holders are meant to influence the future of Titan Hunters by signaling their support for upgrades to the ecosystem

TITA token ($TITA) is the one which represent for Titan Hunters in the Coin Market, $TITA is used in the following sections:

Summon NFT Items, Audit items, Convert COIN to TCOIN, Staking & Governance participation, Buy NFT items in Marketplace

Titan Hunters’ investors can hold $TITA tokens to benefit from staking, governance/voting, profit sharing events. This can refer to Titan Hunters’ value as our community grows.


A good number of use cases here!

So $TITA is going to be the core Titan Hunters here.

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:



Moving on to the 5th and final question from SpykeFast team.😊

Can you please share details on future plans and project growth?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Our dream is to create games with longevity such out beloved game LOL, DOTA2, PUBG, Fortnite. But we also wanted to create them for as many gamers as possible especial mobile gamer. Titan Hunters is not only for crypto user or hardcore user with high skill can play. Everybody can play for free and if they want they can invest to earn.

Our detail roadmap of Titan Hunter for the next 2 years, you can easily find here:

After completing to all of main features of Titan Hunters, We will expand its universe to have different types of gameplays in different game worlds, through which players can bring their favorite character creations and all the gears to join different games with their friends.

Lastly, Titan Hunters will allow players to create their own games using Titan Hunters’ proprietary engine, which can then be played by other users. We also allows players to buy, sell, and create virtual items which can be used to decorate their virtual character that serves as their avatar on the Titan Hunters platform.



How important is the community to Your project? What do you expect from the community for benefit and participation?How important is the community to Your project? What do you expect from the community for benefit and participation?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Titan Hunters is designed to have the biggest community ever in NFT Gaming since we acknowledge that community is EVERYTHING.

We will have Dev Diary series to be able to talk and introduce the production process, and the game features more clearly to users. In addition, I will have Alpha and Beta versions for the community to experience and comment on. That way, we will selectively absorb and select reasonable comments to make the product more perfect.

To make everything more professional and accessible to new users,

we have to make a very careful marketing Strategy already like Localize focus, KOLs, Investor, Partnership Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Ambassador program etc.,

Besides that, we have already conducted the giveaway campaign based on the score of our mini-game after this Giveaway campaign, and carried out a Meme Contest, Best player contest, and more others interesting campaigns will be conducted to draw attention of more and more users..

The campaign has been completed and received the response and support of many participant

In Titan Hunters, every corners of our game will educates peoples, not just educating the off chain users to be crypto user, but we also do educate crypto users to invest their money wisely & happily.

In fact that now some of the NFT games also state that they are Free To Play NFT games. But I see that free users can not access the game fully; Titan hunters is unlike that. We are completely Free to Play, and you can experience the full beauty and fun of the game without any upfront cost.


Can you please explain what are the advantages of using your Platform and is it friendly for beginners like me?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Interesting question! Titan Hunters wants to bring this beautiful 3D game world into the largest game community on earth, servicing the large amount of users is a challenging mission that we believe that we already achieved in term of infrastructure design and system, Titan Hunters is quite ready to serve millions of users. We can’t wait to see how exciting you’re while touching Titan Hunters and feel how much different in quality compare to other NFT games now.

Beside, keeping the playing environment clean and safe is the top priority thing with the team. We works with big partners like Google, Cloudfare, Unity to make sure that your playing data & assets are secured. This is the thing that you should also to consider while playing any game too. We know about that, we will take care of this for you.

M Shopna:

Is there any Audit report available? In other words do you have any smart contract audited or not?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Yup. Security and transparency are very important to any NFT games or blockchan project

we of course will be show you all about project without any coverings.

we are now on discuss to Certik and Hacken for such audit

most of you here are crypto user, I think that you guys all know about their prestige right?

so you guys can believe in their tasks with our Titan Hunters

we will announce the result of their audit soon to make you trust more and more in our Project

Holley [] Hough:

Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Good questions! Removing all types of barriers is Titan Hunter’s most important mission.

- Big paywall and unknown gameplay is actually solved as we already explained with model Free to Play and Invest to Earn, right?

- UI/UX, the source of this problem is the fact that most of current NFT games are not designed for crossplatform playing, some of them simply brings the same game in mobiles then make it NFT for their all profit. Titan Hunters is designed from the very beginning with mass adoption mission, so we will need to make sure that UI/UX and even the 3D Art Quality will help us to onboarding large amount of users.

We make Titan Hunters for gamers with great benefit from Blockchain & NFT so we will remove any types of barriers that prevent us for doing that.


Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Thank @Pinkpunk7 for the great session today .


Great ama

Arthur Vu | Titan Hunters:

Thank you all guys for spending time with me


Thanks for having this great ama session with us☀️

Eagerly waiting for the successful launch of this awesome game.

Kabir Singh:

Great AMA


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