Date : 7 April 2021

Host : HunterX & GemFlair

Guest : KELVPN Lead Developer ( Constantin Papizh )

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We recently hosted an AMA with KELVPN , on 7 April at 4 PM UTC . So here we are up with AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Round 1 — Introduction Questions Asked By Spykefast

Q1. Kindly give brief introduction about yourself, Crypto experience and your role at #KELVPN?

I come from southlands of Russia. Taken an MS degree in Computer Science, I was into R&D and software development in engineering branches, s.a UAV systems, numerical modelling and applied maths. The persisting institutional crisis and growing discredit of banking sector in my local area, in contrast to the dramatic advance of cryptoindustry and De-Fi worldwide manifestation, engaged me into the crypto field. At 2018 I came into Demlabs and then science 2019 I worked upon basis of the KelVPN service. Before we were working on Cellframe that was based on VPN technologies so we already used them. So it was on cover — to take back VPN abilities and mix with new blockchain advantages. Then I found thats the result has lot of abilities, started to develop them and so we a here as independent company.

Q2. Let’s talk in detail about #KELVPN project. What are the main features of the project?
What connection does the project have with top notch (#Cellframe) project?

As I know we’re only decentralized VPN with modern post quantum encryption. Also we have free price forming with orderbook. So, the free market should give us better prices and better service quality. Shortly it could be said that we implement service providers competetions, thats nobody does as I know, especially with post-quantum encryption.
About Cellframe connections: its the first Cellframe auction and both projects appears from Demlabs company. I was working on Cellframe SDK on early stages but then switched on KelVPN and science 2018 im deep in it. With Cellframe team we have good relations, they support us with d-VPN service intergration. Also Demlabs still develop enterprise VPN solutions so we collaborate in this.

Q3. What are the major utilities of holding the #Kelvpn token? How does team plan to enhance it value so as to attract users onboard?

$KEL tokens are necessary to fully integrate KelVPN into the Cellframe ecosystem. The tokens will also be rewarded to node runners to incentivize increased decentralization and network stability. Possible more usages like staking in Ethereum network, stay tuned.
After the integration it will be swaped into the Cellframe native token KEL. KEL could be used not only to purchase VPN. It also will be used for staking. Staking required if you want to provide VPN service and earn on this. You can stake and provide. Or delegate your stake to smbd who want to provide the service.
Also this token could be used for savings, as any crypto currency, for trading on Cellframe Core Network, for governance, PoS based emission. Possible other usecases.

Q4. Who are the competitors for #Kelvpn ? What competitive edge does #Kelvpn hold?

We compete with centralized VPN services thats vulnerable for private data leaks by design. You can search for the news about such leaks and founds that the biggest VPN brands had them. Thats terrible, people trust their saifity and they don’t keep ever their credit cards numbers in secret, associated with email.
We did the system thats does such leaks impossible, because there is no signle place where such data could be picked up.
About simillar products — there are products thats looking like KELVPN but all they has differences. So I can’t say that there is simillar competitor’s product. All are different.

Q5. As you said, KELVPN is in testnet stage, when can we expect full product? And also What major roadmap has been planned for the year?

KelVPN product is already in production, ever based on testnet. KELVPN Mainnet planned to be released soon after Cellframe Core mainnet release. Mainnet gives community ability to earn some KEL with sharing their brandwidth.
About our plans: soon we want to release some software updates, then start to test stake delegation in our testnet. Next we want to release iOS version and update MacOS version a lot.
Next few months should be encryption updates, possible multi-hop mode, then at summer is planned cellchain auction. Also on summer we’ve planned to over with the cellframe node’s extension and cellframe dashboard plugin

Round 2 — Open Telegram Chat questions

Q1. One of the advantages of KelVPN project is that KelVPN can not logs, spy or sell users Data, unlike the traditional VPN companies like FinchVPN, TouchVPN etc that sell users Data to third parties. Apart from this advantage, what are the attractable and benefits features for users to embrace KelVPN service than using the service of the traditional VPN companies? Also, can you tell me how stable is KelVPN servers during usages?

More security because of Cellframe blockchain driven design. Servers are very stable, we see connections uptimes with weeks and months.

Q2. Will sharing bandwidth also give some benefits to us? Will we earn kel tokens ?

Yes. Smbd who share bandwith earn KEL, the rest network got the new relay server. Possible smbd will be at same ISP and will see him, so his encryption starts not far away from the last mile. Also we expect better service quality because of stock model pricing with orderbook. Nodes will compete for user.

Q3. DecentraIized VPN provider Orchid has launched its app, network and OXT token. And l see that many companies are working hard to improve TCP/IP, such as Google’s QUIC protocoI, IBM’s Apera and many others so what are the advantages of KelVPN over similar projects?

Its quantum-proof, ultra fast and with protocol more looking like regular traffic. Also we don’t require people to obtain KEL for VPN usage, you can pay with BTC, ETH or ever with credit card (depends from your country ) and let our site to escrow KEL token for your network activity (KELT in current testnet).

Q4. While using VPN , security is top priority for a user. How does #KelVPN ensure this in the blockchain network ?

We use blockchain to split authorization and authentication, with signature-based credentials there is no single point to collect private data, the private data don’t left user’s device, public data is fully anonymous ( public key fingerprint)

Q5. How are planning to provide a better value for money, in such a competitive market place of vpn lead by NordVPN and many?

Keeping aside the military grade protection that KelVPN promises, as such high grade encryption is not meant for normal citizens!

Because of decentralized model and community driven nodes with competation based on orderbook we’ll have better quality and prices because of competetions between service providers.


Constantin Papizh: Thank you everybody for the good question!

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Constantin Papizh: 🪐KelVPN

Security Spacesuit for your internet. First deanon-proof and quantum-safe VPN in prod. powered by Cellframe

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