AMA TRANSCRIPT : Spykefast x Duetlist King

8 min readOct 30, 2021

Date : 25th October 2021
Host : HunterX & GemFlair
Guest: Duetlist Team (Zen Khurana— Tech)

Hello! Spykefastians & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We recently hosted an AMA with Duetlist King, on 25 October at 3 PM UTC. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, if you missed the live session, this post will be a saver & a feeder of knowledge for you.


HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Round 1 begins now.. Chats will be muted.

1. Could please introduce yourself and talk a bit about your background as well as the background of the team?

Zen Khurana:

Hey there! I am Zen, a tech evangelist for the Duelist King team! We are based in Vietnam, with an awesome team of 20 people. The masterminds of DK are seasoned blockchain advocates and warriors who are

passionate about blockchain and its ultimate goal in breaking silos and boundaries through community empowerment.

Our founder and CEO is Chiro Tran who has been in the blockchain space since 2015, his most recent job is Solution Architect of HexTrust — a digital asset custodian firm based in HongKong with clients are London Stock Exchange, Bank of Singapore, HSBC, etc..

Our Co-founder and CMO is Nicole Nguyen, who has been in the blockchain space since 2016 and her most recent job is Head of International Marketing at Tokocrypto — the largest exchange of Indonesia and the company behind TKO token — the 19th project launched on Binance launchpad.

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q2. Let’s talk in detail about DuelistKing project. What are the main features of the project?

Zen Khurana:

With an awesome team of 20 people, Duelist King aims to transform the way people play, participate and earn in card games through top-notch game play, asset designs and advocacy for the sustainable future of Win2Earn. Powered by in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle and Random Number Generator, Duelist King offers dual values for investors from token utilities and card sales (projected at roughly 40 million USD).

Please check us out! The Duelist King project kick-started in February earlier this year, the founder/CEO Chiro drafted a technical lite-paper around fair distribution model. The founding team is a strong believer in the power of blockchain in bringing fairness and equality to game assets distribution, defragmenting the centralized power of game distributors and empowering the community to grow and scale any game. Community power, democracy and transparency have become the underpinnings of Duelist King.

The project aims to transform the way people play, participate and earn by promoting a Win-to-earn system, encouraging users to enjoy and engage in the game and subsequently earn from the game.

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

So its been a while since the team has been BUIDLing. ⚒️

Zen Khurana:

Working to ensure the community is growing, strong and sustainable as well as our offerings are the same!

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

3. What do you think is the biggest difference between blockchain games and traditional games? Is the ‘Play to Earn’ mode necessary to every blockchain game?

Zen Khurana:

Yeah, I think there are many differences between blockchain games and traditional games and ‘Play to Earn’ is just one of them. The traditional game platform is quite rigid in terms of development and game setting — external parties cannot contribute, alter or vote for their favorite game design, game play or trade assets between different games.

However this also presents lots of opportunities for blockchain to decentralize games, break the silos between games and defragment the distributor’s absolute power.

What matters with ‘Play2Earn’ is that it helps increase the experiences and incentives for users. TO us the experience of game players is the most important thing, that’s why our message is Free2Play — Play2Win — Win2Earn. This might sound old-schooled but we believe that the sustainable way to move forward with the game is to entice people with the GAME itself to Enjoy — Engage — Earn in the game.

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Thanks for the much needed clarity.

Zen Khurana:

Its pleasure to discuss the project and help anyone who might have any questions gain more clarity and hop on board Duelist King!

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

4. Can you throw some light on the token Utilities And will there be rewards for early adopters?

Zen Khurana:

10,000,000 DKT (Duelist King Token) will be issued and token holders will have rights for governance voting. Token holders of DKT are able to participate in DAO governance by locking their tokens to gain voting power.

Furthermore, the tokens come with a number of utilities including life-time discount to mystery boxes, staking to mint rare NFTs, and cash-out rewards in the game.

Also, the game comes with exciting milestones from now until next year. Firstly, Player versus Environment (PvE) launches in Q1 2022 followed by Player vs Player (PvP) and multiplay feature launch in Q2 2022. So, I believe the community has every reason to be bullish about us!

Our tokenomics can be referred from here

We already did the first round of airdrops to our early donors and followers back in early August. Our community can try out either a Free2Play version of the game or the Standard version that comes with a lot of perks corresponding to their engagement and contribution in the game. Last but not least, early investors in our tokens can definitely expect more holding pressure of the tokens as it’s the governance token in our ecosystem that comes with numerous utilities such as life-time discount to cards, staking to mint rare NFTs and gamers can use tokens later to deposit for in game points and buy cards in late 2022.

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Good to know the early supporters have been nicely rewarded. 💪💪

Also wanted to congratulate the team on securing Official IFO on Pancakeswap. 👍👍😇

This shows the amount of confidence one has in DuelistKing. 🦅

Zen Khurana:

Thank you! We’re excited for our upcoming IFO on PancakeSwap on the 27th of October! The community can learn more about the IFO and how to participate here

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Lets hear more from you about upcoming IDO events.


☪️☪️☪️☪️ Chu chu ching Hoo☪️☪️☪️☪️:


A very good partnership is needed to strengthen a project. Do you have any other project partnerships with your project? Are you planning to partner to make your project stronger??

Zen Khurana:

Wow that was an amazing response, its awesome to see so many people interested in the Duelist King Project

To answer the first question, we do engage lots of KOLs, investors in different countries and regions so we can tap in different local communities. We have successfully acquired some key partnerships with DePay payment solution provider, Refinable NFT marketplace, Ludena Protocol for social gaming platform engagement and JennyDAO for more rare NFTs. We had our IDO with OccamRazer and our upcoming IFO on PancakeSwap!

As you can see we are rounding up our partnership circle with credible names that can bring huge benefits to our users. We do other promotion, airdrops and community schemes too — just that everything will tie back to the community and we want to make you feel like the owners of Duelist King as well.

Kabir Rizvi:

Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Zen Khurana:

Yes we recently received our first Audit report by trusted and well renowned leaders in the global blockchain industry, HAECHI Audit! They recently released their report on our security of smart contracts!

We’re thrilled to announce they found no major, critical or minor issues! You can read more in detail about them, the AUDIT and the full report here!


good day sir

For projects, community factors contribute to the success of the project, so does PROJECT have long-term community development plans?

Zen Khurana:

The community means everything to us in the game — we want to invite them as owner, creator, voter and investor in our ecosystem regardless of their backgrounds. Duelist King will kickstart the game yet we will invite the community to join in and vote for their favorite design, game play and even contribute designs to the game if they have a knack for design 😎 Another interesting feature is “card personalization” where we will issue a limited number of auction-based slots for community members to buy “card molds”, input their designs, buy customized packets of scores and configure their own cards.

Lucky Boy:

STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term.

Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about to Staking?

Zen Khurana:

Great question to start!

We do want to advocate more utilities and offerings to our users beyond staking and passive earning 💰💰💰

There are lots of benefits that you can get from holding cards:

- Early bird access to the playable demo and the first version release of the game.

- Owning and trading NFTs: Cards as NFTs are tradeable on popular marketplaces including Openseas.

- Special perks for VIP members: Access to Leaderboard club with special perks (including airdrop, box discount etc.) for top 100 users with highest volume/referral on monthly basis.

  • IDO participation: Card owners can get a slot (500 USD investment per slot) to participate in our IDO without having to be whitelisted as one of the top 50 members in the leaderboard club. Also we are allocating 50 other slots for randomized buyers having a Legendary Card.

✈️✈️✈️CALL ME🚀:

What achievements have been obtained during the project? are there any unfulfilled achievements in the past year?

Zen Khurana:

The focus for now would be to launch the game ASAP cause I know our community is rooting for that 😄 We just completed our first initial NFT offerings and our IDO with OccamRazer! We are also thrilled for our upcoming IFO and Demo.

At the moment, Duelist King has raised over 1M from seed and strategic investors so far, which including BoostXLabs, BX Ventures, Momentum6, Magnus Capital, Shima Capital, GD10 Capital, Everse Capital (AshWSB) , Astronaut Capital, Exnetwork, AU21, X21 digital, Banter Capital, Autonomy Capital and 10 other VCs.

Other milestones coming up is Q2, 2022 — Launch PvP and multi-play feature and Q3, 2022 — Community empowerment with DAO launch, AirDrop to contributors and other Community engagement schemes.


Zen Khurana:

No! I think we covered most things! IT was a pleasure to be here and talk to you all!

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Congrats to the winners 🚀🚀💐

Thanks for being available.

Zen Khurana:

Thank you so much for having me!


Thanq for your valuable time.

Loved your project

Gem Flair:

Thanks @zenkhurana for taking time out and answering all relevant questions.


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