AMA TRANSCRIPT : Spykefast x CreatStep

8 min readFeb 4, 2022

Date : 3 February 2022
Host : alts4life & Pinkpunk7
Guest: CreatStep Team ( Arturas Saskinas — CEO, Lord DeFi — CMO)

Hello! Spykefastians & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We recently hosted an AMA with CreatStep, on 3 February at 4 PM UTC. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, if you missed the live session, this post will be a saver & a feeder of knowledge for you.


Manish — 1. Let’s kick off with some introduction. Please introduce yourself to the community? Please tell us about your journey so far, experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Arturas Saskinas — I am Arturas Saskinas the founding CEO of CreatStep & SCOPE $SCP. I have experience in the creative arts industry working with celebrities in the past on production level and also socialising with them. I have been into crypto for a number of years and have traded heavily but with the help of my very experienced team decided to fund and launch SCOPE $SCP to be incorporated into our CreatStep platform as a Utility token to combine 2 areas I’m very passionate about.

Lord DeFi — Hi guys! 👋
I’m Naeem, the CMO of CreatStep & Scope, my job is to run the marketing strategies, collaborations, be a spokesperson and also typing up the whitepapers, letters and partnership deals 👍

I’ve been in crypto since 2010, been a trader, project manager, technical lead and also worked at a exchange for a few weeks back in 2016 👀

Centre — Crytpo X Creative Art Industry 💫

Manish — A very wide experience in crypto field…….

Centre — Lets move on to the 2nd question 🙋‍♂️

Manish — 2. Can you provide us with a short overview of CREATSTEP’s core objectives/values & the platforms anticipated full launch date? How do you think blockchain will help CREATSTEP?

Arturas Saskinas — CreatStep is our platform that has been in development for over 2 years with the help of very experienced Web developers and celebrity Co founders such as William Goldstein we are nearing completion of the first phase of the platform with the launch of our Masterclass segment within this quarter. Our backend is ready and we are going through finishing touches with the Masters to ensure they are 100% happy with the platform prior to public launch.

CreatStep will be more than just a masterclass platform, we will work on releasing our social networking feature and also our marketplace feature which will grow our platform exponentially.

We incorporated blockchain technology to be ahead of others by releasing our SCOPE $SCP token which will allow for users to pay for features on the platform in a decentralised manner with a discount over fiat. We currently have a taxation model in place that allows for us to pay for further development of the token and also distribute rewards to holders in form of binance pegged eth and will also have staking for our celebrity signed NFTs and holder incentives later on down the line of the project roadmap.

Centre — William Goldstein

$SCP being more than just a token
NFTs incoming

ASTRO — Love these objectives and values’ !👏

Manish — 3. What makes CREATSTEP stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about CREATSTEP’s MVP. What are the exclusive features that it is going to provide its users?

Arturas Saskinas — CreatStep is a very unique project as it has no rivals on the blockchain our only real competitor is which is a 3bn usd company, our features that make us better than them will allow for user adoption such as having a wide variety of Masters from different industries, having our own in-house built Masterclass set up, having the social network and market place plus our goldcards, SCOPE $SCP token and staking features just overall makes our platform adoptable by a much wider range of users over

Our features will allow users to interact, socialise, collaborate and talk directly to Celebrities and well known people and participate in Masterclasses, auditions and a lot more features that are set to be added.

ASTRO — Love what you said about the features !

Manish — Moving on, Lets get some insight into your tokenomics
How does your token get incorporated into the CREATSTEP ecosystem? Is it deflationary ? How much supply is gonna be reduced overtime ?

Arturas Saskinas — Our current taxation on transactions is 15% of which 7% is sent to the marketing/development wallet, 6% is sent out to holders as Binance Pegged ETH and 2% is sent to the LP to strengthen it.

Our token will be incorporated into the platform in a similar manner to staking or gaming platforms where a connects their wallets to the platform and then pays for whatever feature they are wanting to purchase. This feature won’t be live at the public launch of CreatStep masterclasses as we need to test the infrastructure and ensure it runs smoothly prior to adding the token as payment so initially it will be via fiat. During this stage we will be buying back tokens and building up our available liquidity available for our T1 listings we are aiming for post platform launch and also for getting more Masters and increasing marketing etc.

Our token isn’t deflationary, we did burn 44% at presale however for users that pay in $SCP on our platform we will be using these tokens for future liquidity on T1 exchanges and also for rewards and promotions, these tokens will start getting locked up in vested contracts and we will ensure the public has knowledge of how many tokens have been locked away 💪

15% tax on transaction

i.e transactions between person to person or

Person to the platform for additional features!

T1 exchange incoming ✅

Lord DeFi — Currently 15% on all transactions this has been reduced from a previous 18%

We will continue reducing it in line with further developments and we are working on the wallet to wallet implementation for the purchases through creatstep site to not have taxes included but this is something we will resolve post platform launch

Centre — 👌 that sounds good to me.
Usually platforms try increasing their fees and taxes upon launch

But CreatStep feels different.


Shall we move on the last question??

Centre — And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.

Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Arturas Saskinas — Our current short term plans are to get the Masterclass platform launched publicly, list on a strong T2 exchange, increase our numbers of masters/celebrities available to us and continue networking and building up our number of available promoters/marketing tactics so we can employ them straight away without having to search them 👀

Long term is overtaking in user numbers and company value. Will do this by continuing to expand as much as possible, enhancing features, acting upon feedback from Masters and our users and through our Ambassador programme we will be launching post platform launch.

Overall the outlook for our project looks great in short and long term, our team is starting to shape up well and most have now gone full time on Creatstep/Scope to ensure they are 100% committed to the success of the platform and token.

Centre — Ambassador program just after launch
Will surely jumpstart the traffic on CreatStep

Lord DeFi — Yeah definitely! We are planning on having an ambassador in each capital around the globe


Kenny Kimora — On twitter you say
“We’ve started a contest for the Annual 100 Lite Card which gives 1 year free access to the CreatStep Social Network!”
Can you explain more about the card & what are the functions & benefits of the card for users?
How do users get the card if I can’t win it?

Arturas Saskinas — Lite cards are the key to the social networking platform which featuring full yearly access to collaborations by the interests. It also gives possibility to attract professionals or attend in other startups and projects. The Lite cards will be distributed for first 100 members who buy SCOPE for 1bnb or more starting Jan 31 or the other way is to buy it on the platform for $500.

Macbeth_Crypto — Great Project guys. I have a two pary question. how do you plan to integrate crypto payments in to createstep website.. what exactly does createstep plan to do with the tokens it collects as payment for membership, as that will be a good chunk

Lord DeFi — The integration will be similar to what the crypto games/staking platforms have.. we are still working on the final part of the design but it will be a simple wallet to wallet transfer and we are working on removing the taxes for these transactions through the web3 payment gateway

Regarding the tokens we earn from this, there are a few plans in consideration. One of them is to use these to supply for our future CEX listings.. as you can see from our holders SCOPE team has limited tokens we hold.. so we will do some buy backs as well along with this and use the supply for CEX listings liquidity as needed


Dilan Samak — I see you have staking and NFTs mentioned in white paper. Could you share more details on exactly how this is going to work?

Lord DeFi — Our NFT staking will work in a tiered system

We will have 3 tiers across different pools
Common, Rare & Super rare

With each rarity the amount of NFT’s available are reduced meaning less available slots to participate in that pool

Each tier will have its own set number of days to lock the Scope $scp tokens up for and also a set number of Scope $scp required to be put into the staking pool

Also these NFTs are different as they will be crafted by our masters/celebrities and signed by them too!

Hardy Crypto — What was the reason for burning 44% tokens at launch.. for a utility token such as yourself don’t you need more tokens in hand ?

Lord DeFi — We have seen this question in our group a few times,

The main reason behind the burn was because of the manner in which DeFi attracts its userbase, a lot of users see a burn and are more enticed to read about the project

As long as these users read up about us and Do their own research it works for us as the more people know about what we are doing the more people join the network and participate

The burn was also because we didn’t want to hold a lot of tokens that were not needed at the time, we understand we could lock them but after analysing the economy model these tokens we made the ultimate decision to burn these


kenny kimora — Very impressive answer @creatstep @LordDeFi
thank you joining us🍻
GREAT AMA $SCP to the moon

Lord DeFi — My telegram has started lagging 😂 just got 43 new DMs within the last 10 minutes 🤦🏽‍♂

Peeyush — Thank you for the great ama


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