AMA TRANSCRIPT : Spykefast x CDzExchange

7 min readAug 4, 2021

Date : 30 July 2021

Host : HunterX & GemFlair

Guest: CDzExchange Team.

Hello! Spykefastians & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We recently hosted an AMA with Cdzexchange, on 30 July at 10 AM UTC. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be a saver & a feeder of knowledge for them.


HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q1. Kindly give brief introduction about yourself, Crypto experience and your role at #Cdzexchange Project?

DJ Choppa:

Hi everyone! I’m DJ Choppa! Head of Community !

you can all follow me on twitter and keep up with my antics

MC Gas:




DJ Choppa:

I’m a perma bull crypto nut!

Love all things crypto currency and i have spent as much time as i can over the last 3 years

MC Gas:

This would be the easiest $5K you’d be able to win —

DJ Choppa:

doing everything i can to learn as much as possible about Crypto and Economics.

MC Gas:

So as a gift, I wanted to share this with the SF community

DJ Choppa:

It’s an absolute passion of mine.. I am so happy to be able to work in the Industry on such an awesome project

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q2. Let’s talk in detail about #Cdzexchange project What are the main features of the project?

DJ Choppa:

CDzExchange is the Most Liquid DEX for Crypto Derivatives (CDs).

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Is it already live??

DJ Choppa:

We are solving the trilemma of slow transactions, high fees and poor user experience in current decentralized derivatives exchanges.

We haven’t announced anything yet though! Keeping our cards close to our chest

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q3. What are the major utilities of holding the #CDZexchange native token? How does team plan to enhance its further value so as to attract users onboard?

MC Gas:

The governance and utility token powering CDzExchange is $CDZ, used for various functions including:

- Liquidity mining rewards for providing liquidity to $CDZ-pair pools

- Fee sharing to earn a proportionate share of platform transactions fees accrued

- Staking into single-asset pools to earn $CDZ

- Discounts on trading fees

- Initiating and voting on governance proposals

- Utilizing $CDZ will give holders more perks when using CDzExchange.


None of this is financial advice. As always, DYOR!

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Found this.. Pre IDO Launchpool is already live..

DJ Choppa:

There’s still some awesome APR’s available on there

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Amazing response despite the market has not been in the best of health.. 👍

MC Gas:

Yeah, we’re super proud of being able to hold that up, very good for the launchpool users

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q4. What are the major partnerships done so far? How have these played a major role in CDzExchange project development?

MC Gas:

Our most recent announcement for our upcoming IDO is a partnership with PAID Ignition & Master Ventures, two huge players in the crypto space who will really be helping us take things to the next level.

We also recently announced a partnership with DAOventures. They will invest in the initial liquidity for the AMM at CDzExchange’s DEX and liquidity pool. Liquidity providers (LPs) will be able to provide liquidity for the DVD-BNB pair and earn LP rewards generated from accrued trading fees.

To top it up, CDzExchange will also launch a $DVG staking pool where users can stake $DVG to earn rewards in the form of $CDZ — sweet and simple.

  • We have a number of other strategic partners and investors, you can read about them over on our medium here:

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

That’s some amazing partnerships..

Exciting days ahead for the project..

MC Gas:

Honestly, we’ve got more to come, A LOT more

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Q5. How is #Cdzexchange project different from other competitors? When is public sale planned?

DJ Choppa:

So much more coming too.. But our partners.. PAID Ignition.. master ventures. They’re all heavy hitters

Our Private Sale has been oversubscribed!

Our Public Sale allocation is US$150,000

Our IDO will be announced VERY VERY soon!

Our IDO will be the first Nanocap IDO that we know of! We haven’t announced a date yet..

But follow us on Twitter to find out more about that date.. It will be happening VERY soon! We’re really excited to announce it!

The DeFi market has countless DEXs running on different blockchains. CDzExchange’s DEX is unique in that for one, it is leveraging limitless cross-chain liquidity to create more exposure in trading assets and transacting capital from one platform. 4

This means traders can trade crypto derivatives without the technical constraint of being limited to a single blockchain for accessing capital, assets and derivatives contracts. We are blockchain agnostic.

Second, as a decentralized crypto derivatives (CDs) exchange, traders can leverage up to 100x via margin trading.

We are bringing the high leverage capacity only typically found on centralized exchanges to DEXs for a whole new decentralized CDs trading experience. The best of centralized derivatives trading and decentralized CDs exchanges combined.

Third, we are open to all kinds of CDs trading including perpetuals, futures, options and more. We’re constantly expanding our roadmap and we’d love to hear from the community on what other types of CDs are in demand!

We have heaps of giveaways going on over on our twitter for anyone that wants to check them out too!

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Always better to take the opinion of community 💪

DJ Choppa:

Our Telegram and Discord are always open for people to have a chat if they like as well!



Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

DJ Choppa:

We do have some deflationary tokenomics to be announced very soon! we have to keep that quiet for the moment though.. safe to say investors will be very happy with them though!

Bokul Kotha❣️❣️❣️:

Many projects organize events to reach more people. Do you currently have an ongoing award program? What do you do to attract more investors.

MC Gas:

Yes, in summary, our launchpool is the main one and then after that on Twitter (@cdzexchange) we have 4 contests running for a total of $25,000 atm and more to be announced!!


Have 3 core issues prevalent in crypto and blockchain: Security, Interoperability, and Scalability. How does your project plan to overcome these issues?

MC Gas:

We know the trilemma of slow speed, high fees and poor user experience is a common in crypto so that’s whta we solve.

It’s all on our whitepaper and is essentially our core ethos! would be the best place to check this out


What are the advantages that CDzExchange has compared to other similar cross-chain decentralized derivatives exchange networks? What services does CDzExchange offer that make you stand out from the market competition and that will aIIow you to have a good position in the DEX market?

DJ Choppa:

One of our main advantages is our cross chain liquidity pools.. they allow our users to have a far better user interaction with a lot more liquidity for users to play with


is your project suitable for Crypto beginners and have a guide for non-crypto users and so on? Or only of interest to professional users?

DJ Choppa:

We aim to be inclusive for everyone who’s interested! we’re looking at lowering barriers for as many people as possible

one of the biggest problems ot solve in the crypto space is educating people about how to use Crypto and the power of it!

We want to lower barriers to entry and help onboard as many new crypto people as possible

Silver Spoon:

what is the crucial role CDZ token will perform in the functioning of the CDzExchange ecosystem? The CDZ token is expected to have multiple utilities, name them. How can holders of the CdZ token use theirtokens to take part in CDzExchange’s voting proposals concerning protocol amendments and upgrades.

DJ Choppa:

The biggest role the token will play is enabling lower fees and staking and farming options for all our users! We want to incentivise CDZ holders as much as possible to participate and join the CDZ Gang!


HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Thanks a ton for being here.

And sharing the insights about the project to myself and the community here..

MC Gas:


had a lot of fun

Most enjoyable AMA in a while

HunterX | Spykefast (@realsch1- twitter):

Have a great day @mcgas and @DJ_Choppa 🚀🚀

MC Gas:


The Crypto Scout:

Thanks @mcgas and DJ choppa for the great AMA.


Awesome ama session 🙏




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