AMA TRANSCRIPT : Spykefast x Alpha Impact .

Date : 14 May 2021
Host : HunterX & GemFlair
Guest: Alpha Impact Team ( Hayden Hughes — CEO & Co-founder)

Hello! Spykefastians & Blockchain Enthusiastic!
We recently hosted an AMA with Alpha Impact, on 14 May at 3PM UTC. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be a saver & a feeder of knowledge for them.


HunterX — Q1. Kindly give brief introduction about yourself, Crypto experience and your role at #Alpha Impact Project?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
Hi there! I’m Hayden Hughes, the Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact. Before starting this company with my Co-Founder and CPTO Austin Chaird, I became a lawyer before working in crypto in 2017. From 2017–2020 I worked as Head of Distribution for Techemy, a regulated investment bank focusing on crypto and blockchain. Immediately before co-founding Alpha Impact I was actually working at, where I led Institutional Sales in Singapore.

I have previously founded 3 companies and this includes 1 exit in my native Canada in my mid 20s. I’m excited to build new businesses!
My Co-Founder Austin has spent 15 years in banking technology, working as a Vice President where he designed trading systems for banks and hedge funds when he worked for JPMorgan and Macquarrie Bank.

HunterX — Q2. Let’s talk in detail about #Alpha Impact project. How does this project makes life easy for those who are not pro in trading? What are the main features of the project

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
Austin and I started this business because of a very real problem we faced. When we taught ourselves how to start trading there were lots of sources of data but there was nowhere that was transparent! For starters, we realized that many influencers and traders on social media are just good at promoting themselves; they are not truly great traders.

When we met in the Antler ( cohort, one of Southeast Asia’s most exclusive accelerators, we realized there must be a better way. So we set out to build a social trading platform for dummies. We recognized there were several major issues:
1. People want to deal with companies that have founders they know and can trust
2. People want to try things out without being asked to deposit funds
3. Some people have low risk tolerance
4. Some people want options trading!
So we’re building Alpha $IMPACT to address all of these issues. First and foremost, Austin and I are real people:
Second, our platform is NON CUSTODIAL. We’ll never ask you to deposit funds and you keep funds in your own account.
Third and fourth, we allow you to search for traders who have low, medium and high risk strategies. Some people want to ape into options and others want a low risk, fixed return style. We have it all!

Gem Flair:
Great you have worked with one of the top project you really have a vast experience.👍

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
And with Techemy, where we raised $500M for projects in 2017 :)

HunterX :
That’s a great product team decided to build on.
That’s some amount, considering 2017 bull round was nothing compared to ongoing one.

HunterX — Q3. What are the major utilities of holding the #IMPACT token? How does team plan to enhance it value so as to attract users onboard?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
One of the things we’re very passionate about is helping investors to understand where in the market cycle. For example, take a look at the RHODL Ratio below.

Reading on twitter we have every possible perspective and view point. Some people think we are now at the top for BTC while others think this is the beginning of a supercycle that will never end. What does the data say? Because we are experts and looking at data nonstop, we know that we’re somewhere similar to where we were in July 2017 based on the data.
Customers who stake our tokens gain access to privileged data insights including on chain analysis, sentiment analysis, technical analysis and more. We aim to TELL YOU ABOUT THE BEAR MARKET BEFORE THE BEAR MARKET.
In addition to this, we are delighted to announce that will offer a staking functionality for our users, who will be able to deposit tokens and earn interest. Stay tuned to our TG to find out what the APY and receive instructions will be!
Our liquidity pool will also allow people who hold our token to deposit $IMPACT into the LP on Uniswap and earn a yield. We’re excited to announce that we’ve devoted 30% of our token supply to this!

That’s the RHODL ratio

It says that we’re not yet at the top

this is one of the big indicators we are looking at

HunterX :
I mean this could be a really an indicator to watch out for.

I got my eyes on Alpha Impact 👀

$IMPACT to be specific.

For the community. Some top Tier VCs on board.

Let’s go ahead.

HunterX — Q4. How can the investors be sure of the real traders? Are the pro traders KYCed? What makes them pro?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
First and foremost, our technology is based on a read only API key to the trader’s REAL exchange account. So our system updates in real time, based on every single trade the trader makes.

The next aspect is that we do indeed KYC the traders. We allow them to appear anonymous, but we verify their identity and proof of address.
The third area we focus on is that we will not allow our customers to follow traders on anything but the most liquid, top 75 coins. So there’s no chance that customers can get stuck holding bags of tokens they cannot get out of.
Fourth, we don’t want customers making big bets based on trader profiles who have only a small amount of capital behind them. We won’t share the exact numbers, but will have an icon like a speedometer, showing you how many assets a trader has:

HunterX :

Well this is something which I really liked. Its good to copy trade pro traders, but with learning you too can become a pro trader at Alpha Impact. 😇

HunterX — Q5. How is #AlphaImpact project different from other competitors? What makes this advantageous?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
We see ourselves being different in a few ways.

1. WE NEVER ASK YOU TO DEPOSIT FUNDS WITH US. Our platform is non custodial, meaning that you keep funds in your own account.
2. WE ARE NOT ANONYMOUS. I showed you above my and Austin’s LinkedIn. Both of us have left stable jobs in financial services to build this business, and we’re excited to be on the journey.
3. WE COVER CRYPTO OPTIONS. For all the crypto degens out there, we’re allowing you to ape into options and follow top options traders.
4. WE COVER LOW RISK TOO. For all the investors wanting safer alternatives, we will allow customers to sort top traders by investment style including volatility. Finally, a safe way to trade crypto by following a safe investor!
5. WE ARE BASED IN SINGAPORE. One of the few countries in the world that has created crypto regulations, we’re excited to be here. You can even come see us at the office!

HunterX :
Really simple to understand how Alpha Impact can really have an impact on traders life. 💯💯💪

HunterX — Q6. What major events can we expect in the 2021 #Alpha Impact Development Roadmap? Any details related to Public sale?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
Great question!

Easier to see maybe


We’re excited to announce our PUBLIC SALE will be on June 3rd! If you’re interested to learn where we are listing, you’ll have to join us on our TG channel!

HunterX :
We wish you best for the upcoming sale. 🙏

Power to Traders. 💪


AJ— Q1.For starters, we realized that many influencers and traders on social media are just good at promoting themselves; they are not truly great traders. We basically lose money by trading shit coins.
How will your project help us in this scenario , preventing our losses ?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
Our philosophy and driving goal is to provide access to investment strategies so that individuals can make the best trading conditions for themselves personally. As we have seen today with Elon Musk’s tweets (I guess Twitter was boring without Trump), crypto is intensely volatile. So our goal is to help individual investors find a top trader that works for them and part of that mantra to truly democratize trading is to provide access to the upside and of course with any upside there is risk. So I want to be clear that our focus is on providing access to top traders and their trading strategies and we entrust our customers to make the best decisions considering the merits of their individual situations.

Onifade Oladiran —Q2. How do you intend to do these trainings for people who are novice and stay in a less technologically developed countries but want to be crypto aware, in other words how do you take these trainings to grass root?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
I think it has to start with education. We will partner with wallets and providers in those countries to give social proof that our infrastructure is safe to use, and then we will give customers access to educational content and let them make micro transactions. We have no minimum account size

LFC Boy — Q3.-You mentioned risk management is an essential pinpoint of Alpha Impact development. Do you have any risk management strategies for traders to follow? Can they be used by newbies and professionals?

-Can you tell us about your trading tools and features? Do you have any educational videos for newbies?

H H (Will never PM you for funds):
We will have educational videos. Some of the testing we’ve done (here in Singapore especially where many people are conservative) has shown that some users want a demo of the account set up process just to trust us enough to enter their first name. So we’ll have tons of videos to explain the basics of crypto, we’ll also have an academy where users can compete for prizes (haven’t announced prizes yet, probably will include DOGE).


H H (Will never PM you for funds):
you’re welcome to log onto our TG channel and we can continue the conversaiton 24/7

HunterX :
Also I would request you (if possible) to kindly deliver a similar Video message for anything you wish to say. Gives a lot of confidence to the investors in our community. 🙏

Alex Lenderp:
Thanks for your detailed answers!

So Unxpctd:
Thank you everyone, it was an amazing AMA!

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HunterX :
Had a really interesting conversation with you on the project.
I personally feel, every trader here can definitely connect with the project deliverables and enhance their portfolio. 💯💪


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