AMA Transcript: SpykeFast x Kira Network

Round 1 Transcript:

Team Introduction — (Some Rich Experience in the field!!)

Round 2 Transcript:

Q1. Regarding Products and Services (e.g. IX Protocol, MBPoS Consensus, IVO Crowdfunding, etc), how far are Kira Core in them at the moment? What is the main focus of Kira Core in terms of technology at the moment? Twitter — @jalakb4li

  1. OTC
  2. 2. Highest-bid auction for highly valuable NFT’s
  3. 3. Buckets for creating a single fungible asset out of multiple NFT’s with similar use and value — which can then be traded as any other asset.

Round 3 Transcript: Open TG Chat questions

Within flash of seconds, the TG group was flooded with questions for KIRA team. Spykefast team was overwhelmed with the response of Community Members.

End is the Beginning:

In the end, Spykefast team thanked KIRA Team for taking time out of busy schedule to answer all important and critical questions related to KIRA project.

Important Links:

Full list of useful resources.



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SpykeFast is a Telegram group operated by two well-known #Crypto Twitter personalities @Gem_Flair and @realsch1. TG group link: